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Jean Coutard Released His Second Bus "Made In Haiti"


After launching the first prototype coach made in Haiti in 2013, Jean-Paul Coutard produced a second bus more comfortable, lighter and more powerful. The new and improved bus can hold more passengers than the first and has a power of 300 HP, 275 HP than the first. According to the CEO of Coutard Motors, "the second bus can hold 60 passengers more than the first which had only 56 seats." It is equipped with surveillance cameras inside and reversing camera and took 2 years to complete despite funding problems. The Coutard Motors company presented the bus to the public on March 9, 2016.

Haiti's Hidden Treasures

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Haiti's Hidden Treasures

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Ansy Derose Collection 4CD - PACKAGE

By Ansy Dérose

This ultimate collection is a compilation of 65 gold titles in 4 CDs to pay tribute to this talented singer who so generously enriched Haiti's cultural heritage. This treasure chest is a memorable collection for all music lovers. (French/Creole

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Among all the sunny paradises vying for your attention, there is a Caribbean heritage that continues to blossom every day its rich display of diverse cultures so exquisitely blended together. An authentic and sunny land rich in history, traditions, beauty and incomparable artistic creativity vows to attract you in a country where everything is unique.

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Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part 1 & 2: $30.00

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• Haiti's Hidden Treasures I: (1hr10 mn)

DVD-Documentary by Haitian filmmaker Patrick Dorsainvil, showing Port-au-Prince and its surroundings before the earthquake and touching the history, the people, geography and resources.


• Haiti's Hidden Treasures II: Awe-inspiring dvd showcasing Haiti's most popular cities surrounded by untouched natural beauty. 67 mns + 12 mns slideshow.


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