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Million Dollar Resort Plan Could Boost Côte-de-Fer

Ambition, optimism, and skepticism!

Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part 1 & 2:  $30.00

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• Haiti's Hidden Treasures I: (1hr10 mn)

DVD-Documentary by Haitian filmmaker Patrick Dorsainvil, showing Port-au-Prince and its surroundings before the earthquake and touching the history, the people, geography and resources.


• Haiti's Hidden Treasures II: Awe-inspiring dvd showcasing Haiti's most popular cities surrounded by untouched natural beauty and historical sites. 67 mns + 12 mns slideshow.


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Among all the sunny paradises vying for your attention, there is a Caribbean heritage that continues to blossom every day its rich display of diverse cultures so exquisitely blended together. An authentic and sunny land rich in history, traditions, beauty and incomparable artistic creativity vows to attract you in a country where everything is unique.

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Overlooking the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea and surrounded by natural beauty, the village of Côte-de-Fer located in the South-East region of Haiti vows to unveil its hidden treasures to the world.


Known for its natural resources comprising  lush mountains and most importantly long miles of picturesque white-sand and secluded beaches, the Haitian government wants to build Haiti's most ambitious tourism project in Côte-de-Fer hoping to attract foreign investors and continue to boost tourism in the country.

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