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Bassin Bleu

A National Treasure In The Hills Of Jacmel

The magnificent cascade of Bassin Bleu flowing from a river bed in the hills. This basin is named "Bassin Clair" 75 feet deep.

Located in the hills of Jacmel in the Southeast Region of Haiti, Bassin-Bleu is a series of  three turquoise-blue pools of natural beauty fed by cascading waters. From the town of Jacmel a 45-minute trip take visitors to the tropical lush in the hills with an enchanting view of Jacmel bay. During your excursion, local guides will help you cross "La Gosseline" river before taking a rough and winding road leading to the waterfalls. Whether it's through an off-road vehicle or horseback, the abundant tropical foliage  surrounding the area is indeed exhilarating.


For the most adventurous, hiking is a rewarding experience as travelers are lured by the nearby vegetation of indigenous trees until they reach the pristine cascades of Bassin Bleu. Wear good sneakers or hiking boots, bring filtered water, snacks and be prepared to spend an entire day for a magnificent journey. Nearby residents can also provide you with some local fruits and other products at reasonable prices. Upon arrival at the site, visitors are greeted by the roaring flow of clear and cascading waters feeding the three natural pools: "Bassin Clair", Bassin Bleu", and Bassin Palmiste.

"Bassin Bleu", the second basin of natural beauty surrounded by abundant greenery

"Bassin Palmiste", the third cascade supplying the magnificent pool

In order to view the most spectacular site "Bassin Clair", you must climb a small ladder and go down using a rope. The pools are deep and the water cold. Experienced divers can jump and swim in the cool basins, ramble through the long stream of waters as they contemplate the remarkable works of nature. Be forewarned! To help preserve the integrity of the Bassin and to prevent an overflow of visitors, restrictions are in effect on a daily basis. Also, avoid littering and leave this hidden treasure of Haiti as splendid as you uncovered it.


Handcrafts Made In Haiti

A unique variety of beautiful handcrafts made chiefly from cow horn, shells, wood, strings, and beads.

Experience them!

The flow of water making its way to the second pool "Bassin Bleu" above

A great adventurer diving in the most spectacular pool "Bassin Clair"

Make sure to contact the Southeast Tourism Bureau, your local resort or a professional driver guide to ensure it's appropriate to travel to Bassin Bleu's natural pools on your favorite day. Also, the day before your visit local guides will help you rent a horse if necessary or assist you entirely to get to the waterfalls. Their service is not free, so be gracious! A reasonable donation between $5 to 10 USD is highly recommended upon arrival at the entrance leading to the Basins.


Set your mind for a tropical adventure and forget the hustle and drama of everyday life. Bassin Bleu will enable you to reconnect with nature and listen to the flowing waters and birds dwelling in the area. Relax, enjoy and let it soothe your body and soul.


Last updated 07/29/2014

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