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Artifacts From Santa Maria Wreckage Looted

The Loss of Haitian Treasures On Ocean Floor

Underwater explorer Barry Clifford, who led a recent expedition to trace the origins of Santa Maria's wreck, claimed having discovered the remains of Columbus flagship off the North coast of Haiti. Clifford famously known for his discovery of a complete pirate ship spent over a decade researching the wreck with his crew as part of a History Channel TV show.


The team investigated the site back in 2003 where it was believed the Santa Maria ran aground and was wrecked 500 years ago. According to Barry Clifford, he found strong topographical and archaeological evidence that the wreck belongs to the Santa Maria, Columbus flagship.


In 2003 the team located the wreck of about 25 feet below sea level and found items including a cannon, but had no clue that they were the remains of Columbus flagship, the Santa Maria. Recently, after having researched the type of Cannon being used at that time, Barry Clifford was convinced that his finding was definitely the Santa Maria.

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Excerpt from Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part II, documentary showcasing Haiti's incredible landscape and history.

Underwater evidence believed to be the remains of the Santa Maria off the northern coast of Haiti.

During Christopher Columbus' first voyage to the Americas with his fleet of three ships including La Pinta (the painted), La Niña (the girl), and La Santa Maria (Saint Mary) in August 1492, one of the flagship La Santa Maria ran aground and was wrecked nearby Haiti's northen coast on Chrismas Eve 1492 as documented in Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part II. It was also recorded that other galleons had sunk under that part of the ocean with gold artifacts, precious stones after being stolen by pirates according to researcher Daniel Mathurin.


Some planks and other materials that were smashed away to the shore have been used to built the first fort of the New World, La Navidad (the nativity). Historians claimed that the first Christmas day along with the Nativity were celebrated on Haiti's North coast. Columbus left several men behind and returned to Spain aboard the two remaining ships to report his discoveries to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.


After more than 500 years ago, the group of experts led by underwater explorer Barry Clifford finally claimed to discover the sunken ship stuck in reefs exactly where it was lost off the north coast of Haiti. A full archaeological excavation must be finalize with the help of Haitian authorities to determine the authenticity of the discovery. According to Clifford, if everything goes well it will be possible for the team to excavate and preserve most of Columbus flagship and other remains in order to showcase them in a museum in Haiti. Clifford also stated that more investigations led by his crew earlier this year have realized that many of the shipwreck artifacts including a cannon have been looted in the precedent years. So, many treasures that can benefit Haiti are forgotten.


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