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Fort-Liberté A Captivating Site

An areal view of the ruins of Fort-Liberté formerly Fort-Dauphin in Northeast Haiti on the Atlantic coast

Located in the North-Eastern part of Haiti and abounding with historical sites, Fort-Liberté is a sleepy town where the first declaration of Haiti’s independence took place on November 29, 1803. It has one of the most captivating sites in the area called Fort Dauphin known today as Fort-Liberté. This fort was built around 1731 under the command of Louis XV, king of France, and its ruins are the greatest evidences of its designers' military genius who established the most strategic naval base to fight off invaders.

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Belle Entrée, the city's main gate monumental structure erected in the early 20th century

Place d'Armes and the fountain in front of the Cathedral of  Fort-Liberté

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Its architectural setting was developed in such a way that the fort overlooked the bay, the ocean, as well as all coastal areas, so it could have the same characteristics of a mountain fortification to uncover invaders. Built on a triangular coral rock, Fort-Dauphin ensured a complete protection of the city and the bay. Its ruins recall a significant heritage that helps understand and safeguard the past of a singular region.


With regard to the historical and architectural heritage, Fort-Liberté encloses an extraordinary tourist capability. The fort itself, the colonial Cathedral Saint-Joseph overlooking "La Place d'Armes," the renovated entrance to the city known as “Belle Entrée” (Beautiful Gate), and other neighboring sites such as Fort Labouque, Batterie de l'Anse, Fort Saint Charles, Fort Saint Frédérique, Bayau Island are convincing evidences.

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The colonial Cathedral Saint-Joseph of the city of Fort-Liberté overlooking "La Place d'Armes"

The town of Fort-Liberté has been part of the Ministry of tourism's project in which 5 thousand among the tourists who come to Labadie could visit other sites in the northern part of the country including Fort-Liberté. There was also a proposal which supposed to incorporate the completion of building facilities, hotels and other infrastructure as the city owns only a few hotel rooms.


Founded by the Spaniards in 1503, the city of Fort-Liberté which successively bore the names of Bayaha, Puerto Real, Fort Dauphin and Fort Royal, lingers in the minds of many Haitians. With its historical forts, its cathedral, its captivating bay, it has the opportunity to become a captivating tourism destination.


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