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Haitian Currency

Check Out The Value Of The Haitian Gourde Today

The Haitian Gourde was first introduced in 1813 after replacing the “Livre”. The Gourde has been often revalued, then matched the US dollar and French Franc. In 1912, it was pegged to the US dollar at a value of 5 Gourdes to $1 US dollar. As a result, the Gourde was quickly referred to as a “Haitian dollar”. At that time one had to multiply the US value by 5 to figure out the amount in Gourdes. As a basic example, U$1.00 was equal to 5 Gourdes and so on.


Accordingly, the term Haitian dollar has been stuck in the mind of the Haitian people until today even though the value of the Gourde has drastically fallen behind the US dollar, Canadian, and Euro. Nothing could be more confusing to fully understand such term versus the Gourde.

As of 03/23/18 *Average Rate on Selling

1 US Dollar (USD) = 64.1916 Haitian Gourde (HTG)


1 Euro (EUR) = 79.1592 Haitian Gourde (HTG)


1 Canadian Dollar = 49.7528 Haitian Gourde (HTG)


1 Dominican R. Peso = 1.28894 Haitian Gourde (HTG)

A coin of 1 gourde (commonly called "A-do-ken")

A coin of 5 gourdes

A former bill of 5 gourdes

A former bill of 1 gourde

A bill of 10 gourdes

A bill of 250 gourdes

In reality, there is no physical monetary unit that, indeed, represents one Haitian dollar.


As the Haitian currency slightly fluctuates on a daily basis, one may also want to know the current value of the Haitian Gourde versus the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Euro or the Dominican Peso? As several high-end stores and other commercial places have their products listed in US dollar, a great deal of stores simply price their items in Gourdes. Some stores allow customers to pay in foreign currency while matching their equivalence in Gourdes.


To find out the current exchange rate of the Haitian currency, you just have to multiply the value owned by the exchange rate of the day. Let's say the exchange rate of the day is 63.7391 gourdes for $1:00 US, you have to multiply your dollar amount by 63.7391 which will give you the total equivalence in gourdes.


Haitian money is broken down into coins and bills like many other countries. There are 1 Gourde, and 5 Gourdes in coins. All the remaining bills are 10 gourdes,  25 gourdes, 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes, 250 gourdes, 500 gourdes, 1000 gourdes. You may rarely find .50 "kòb" (coin) which is half amount of 1 gourde. Almost everything in Haiti is either purchased in gourde or at the current exchange rate of your available foreign currency, would it be the US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, or Peso.


Last updated 03/23/18

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