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The Last Virgin Island In The Caribbean

Haiti's Hidden Treasures

DVD Documentary

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Haiti's Hidden Treasures

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Ile-a-Vache is an unspoiled and beautiful island located on the South region of Haiti, off the city of Les Cayes, It owes its name to the large numbers of cattle that used to roam there.

Port-Morgan, Ile-a-Vache

Anse-Dufour, Ile-a-Vache

It has a population of more than 10,000 people who live essentially of seafood, local crops, small commerce, and boat transportations. Despite the lack of infrastructures, this quaint Caribbean island offers natural beauty between white sand and light azure sea, green hills, dense mango foliage, plains, valleys and hillocks that stretch along the uneven western part.


Ile-a-Vache also bears a history of pirates including the infamous Captain Morgan, a British pirate who led several buccaneering expeditions across the Caribbean to attack Britain's enemies in order to protect their future prosperity. Henri Morgan operated many flagships, among them the “Oxford”, a 34-gun ship that had been given to him by England's King Charles II due to his military and naval prowess. During a voyage in the Caribbean with ten vessels to Ile-a-Vache (Cow Island), Henry Morgan's ship - apparently loaded with an important treasure - sank off the coast of Ile-a-Vache as a result of an explosion believed to have been ignited by a celebratory pig roast nearby Ferret Bay, a natural deepwater bay known for its safe anchoring for centuries.


Ferret bay served as a port for buccaneers in the Caribbean and particularly Henri Morgan whose name was given to an ecological tourist complex on Ile-a-vache, as it is believed he has lost his boat in this bay and was the only survivor.

Ile-a-Vache, Port-Morgan

Today, this area boasts two beautiful resorts called Port-Morgan, and Abaka Bay, which are surrounded by astonishing scenery. Port-Morgan facilities include modern amenities such as a 20-room property, bungalows for guests, telecommunications, bar-restaurant serving quality French and Creole cuisines, souvenir and crafts shop. Visitors can also experience different boat excursions from the port to the neighboring islands such as Caye-a-l'Eau, Ilet-a-Bouee.

They can also experience the beautiful waterfall of Saut-Mathurine located in Camp-Perrin via Les Cayes. Other excursions comprise trip to Fort St-Louis, Port-a-Piment cave, and enchanting beaches between emerald green vegetation and deep blue waves.


Sports enthusiasts can enjoy Kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, balls games, volley-ball, basket ball. Upcoming sports acitvities will include mini golf, tennis, horseback riding, pool, water sports, yoga, wellness and so on… Diving is perfect here for professionals who want to explore the exquisite beauty of the fauna and flora where coral reefs are in great shape. This is an ideal place for relaxation seekers in search of carefree pace and tranquillity to brush away the rest of the world.


There is so much to enjoy, see and do on Ile-a-Vache. Therefore, Port-Morgan offers you great package deal that includes round trip airfare from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes (40 minutes), bus ride from Les Cayes airport to the dock (20 minutes), boat trip from Les Cayes to the resort (30 minutes), accommodations, gourmet meals and other activities all in one low price. It is suitable for families, groups, couples, and singles. You can definitely imagine yourself as Robinson Crusoe once you set your foot on this authentic destination. Lisez la version française ici!


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