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Manno Sanon Shocked Italy And The World June 15, 1974, Munich, Germany

"Six precious minutes is what Haitian soccer fans have been hanging onto since June 15, 1974, when Emmanuel ``Manno'' Sanon scored one of the most memorable goals in World Cup history."


"With my pace, you can't leave me with just one defender, but that is what happened. I was one-on-one with Spinosi. I received a pass from Phillipe Vorbe. I beat the defender with my speed. One-on-one with Dino Zoff, and the goal was wide open. I dummied to go left, and then went right. I rounded him, and rolled the ball into the net," said Manno.

Manno Sanon's historic goal against Italy in 1974

This National Haitian team had also many skilled and talented players to rely on, such as Henri Francillon, Philippe Vorbe, Pierre Bayonne, Ernst Jean-Joseph, Jean-Claude Desir (Tom-Pouce) and so on...


But Manno Sanon was the key-player and the hope of Haiti in 1974. He was the symbol of Haitian Football and always came to the rescue of the national team.


Manno Sanon's speed and strike against Italy was voted the best of the entire tournament by International soccer writers, thus turning him into a legend. Haiti's first goal in the World Cup is ranked no.12 in the World Cup's 25 Stunning Moments.

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