Myveca Saint-Vil

Miss Haiti Champion Of The World In Hollywood

When Myveca St-Vil vowed to represent Haiti at the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2013 in Hollywood, CA, she wasn't kidding. The gifted professional beauty pageant who was crowned Miss New England 2013 made it to Hollywood from July 12 to 21, 2013, and won the 1st, Beauty Champion of the world, 2nd, Swimwear Champion of the world, 3rd, formal champion of the world. Furthermore, she won Gold medal for "Model of the year", gold medal for "swimwear", gold medal "Photogenic", gold medal for "casual" and overall "Industry" award medal. The World Championships Of Performing Arts Awards is the only premier international talent competition of its kind held annually in “Hollywood,” entertainment capital of the world gathering professional dancers, singers, actors, models, solos, groups, and variety arts.

Myveca Saint Vil aka ”loody” was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At 17, she moved to Canada to study.  Couples of years later, she moved to U.S.A where she restarted to model again, because her dream of becoming a professional model has never died. She has a BA in Psychology at Ashford University.


Myveca Saint-Vil is a professional diverse model; her creative self drove her to be a professional model, and began her career on the cat walk since she was 16 in Haiti. Her style can range from cute and fashionable to diva and fierce.


She quickly segued to high fashion, modeling activities, and advertising. She studied modeling also at Barbizon School of Modeling, signed with John Casablanca’s where she had done many modeling works. Myveca has involved in many fashion shows such as New England Bridal Show, Boston Fashion Week I and II, Rhode Island Fashion Week, New York Fashion week,  and many other local shows and out of state fashion show, where we can name a few , New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Dc, Florida, Paris and many more.

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Happy with her God given gift, curves, body and legs, she have participated in different beauty pageants, such as Miss Haiti in Florida, Miss Haiti International in Paris, Miss Black Beauty in Boston, Miss Citronelle, Queen of Africa where she was the first Runner up, and Miss New England 2013 where she run the title of second runner up, Queen of photogenic of Miss New England 2013, First Runner up Super Model Of Miss New England 2013, Best Portfolio of Miss New England 2013.


As a proud, positive, and spiritual woman, she represented very well her beloved country with the support of many Haitians and her incredible team. She also believes that all women of all different shapes are beautiful and everything is possible as long as you put devotion in it. She has also her personal website

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