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Overpass Highway In P-au-P, From Project To Reality

The new completed overpass roadway above the junction Delmas-Nazon-Airport

After being launched in October 2013, the overpass highway at the junction Delmas-Nazon-Airport has been open to motorists. On Friday, August 7, 2015 many people, journalists gathered all around and above the bridge to witness the inauguration of this historic roadway in the midst of legislative campaign. This project which became reality was more than a dream. It consisted of the construction of a bridge to facilitate traffic on one of the busiest intersections in Port-au-

Prince that caused major gridlock.


For years, the junction connecting Delmas roadway, Nazon road, and Toussaint Louverture Blvd. has been a bottleneck for drivers using these roads, despite traffic lights and the presence of city's police traffic agents. However, the construction of this overpass roadway in this busy intersection has been not only the first in Haiti, yet again a great source of relief for many motorists and a major accomplishment for the Haitian government. President Michel Martelly surrounded by members of his government and representatives of the firm that completed the work said that "It is a great day for us as this bridge is a good evidence that we can accomplish a lot together".


This project cost $17 million US to the Haitian government with funding from the Petro-Caribe Fund. Many people patiently awaited the completion of this project while others criticized it.

A look at the project's mock-up in 2013

The bridge in 2014 at an advanced stage

The most diffident ones thought this investment was not worthy while the country endures economic and political crisis. Nevertheless, despite endless fuss the completion of the bridge  brought a lot of excitements to many people, commuters and motorists. Measuring 7.20 m high and 550 m long, the overpass of Delmas roadway nicknamed "Carrefour de la Renaissance" has been built with two lanes in both directions. The construction of this historic overpass has become a reality among many other projects undertaken by the Haitian government leading to foresee a positive image of Haiti in the process of modernization.


As many motorists and commuters said, more developments like this should have taken place in other key intersections throughout the country. Therefore, they will definitely improve Haiti's road sytems, as well as traffic all over the capital Port-au-Prince and the provincial cities.


Last Updated 08/08/2015

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